Apr 6, 2017

Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad Ph.D. scholarship




Call for Applications to Fellowship and Admission of

Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad (FNEA).

Academic Year 2017/2018






Call for Applications to Fellowship and Admission of

Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad (FNEA).

Academic Year 2017/2018



The Sapienza University of Rome offers fellowships for attaining the degree of “Dottore di Ricerca” (Ph.D.) in one of its Doctoral School (listed in Appendix). Each fellowship amounts to € 19.800,00 per year before taxes: national insurance contributions (INPS) that fellowship recipients are required to pay (10,57% for 2017).


Based on the strength of the applicants, one 3-year-full-time fellowship may be awarded to a student interested in entering the International Ph.D. in “Psychology and Social Neurosciences”, curriculum CoSAN (Cognitive Social and Affective Neuroscience) http://www.cosanphd.com/, led by Salvatore Maria Aglioti (http://agliotilab.org/).

Ph.D. School: Psychological Sciences.


The fellowship doesn’t cover the annual entrance fee (30 euro) and doesn’t increase for research periods spent abroad.

The Ph.D. Programme lasts three years. At the end of the first and second year of attendance, students have to be evaluated as proficient according to the rules of the Schools/PhD programme.

For further details, please read the call at paragraph 4. Attainment of PhD (see Call_FNEA2015)


CoSAN PhD programme

CoSAN supervisor is Prof. Salvatore M. Aglioti (http://agliotilab.org/lab-staff/principal-investigator), also

director of the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory


The laboratory is based at

Sapienza University of Rome

Department of Psychology

via dei Marsi, 78

00185 Rome (Italy)


Santa Lucia Foundation

Via Ardeatina, 306

00179 Rome  (Italy)


The research performed during the Ph.D. will revolve around one of the topics of interests listed at:



Within the 3 years of the International Ph.D. program students will be encouraged to attend seminaries, schools and technical workshops in order to better improve their knowledge and understanding on their topic of interest.




Applications are opened to candidates who:

  • are not Italian citizens;
  • are not residents (i.e. legal residency) in Italy;
  • have obtained an academic qualification abroad by a non-Italian institution which satisfies the entrance requirements for admission to the Doctoral Programme. Specifically, perspective students must hold a degree equivalent to the Italian diploma di laurea/laurea specialistica/laurea magistrale, or expect to obtain it before 31 July 2017. The Academic Board of the Schools will check that each applicant’s qualifications are equivalent to the relevant Italian degree (for the sole purpose of this competition).


The awardee candidate will start the 3-year programme on 2nd November 2017.



Application and Deadline

To submit the application candidates should:

  1. Sign in with a valid email address to (http://phd.uniroma1.it/fellowship)
  2. Complete the application form and provide the following documents:

            * a copy of their ID

            * Curriculum vitae et studiorum (full resumé)

            * a copy of degree certificate and list of exams with marks

            * a report on any research carried out by the candidate

            * a list of publications

            * a brief statement explaining his/her Doctoral School choice and the candidate’s scientific interests             (motivation letter)

            * two letter of recommendation by university professors or eminent researchers/experts of             equivalent status

  1. Send a confirmation e-mail to cosanphd@uniroma1.it. We can contemplate to contact each applicant to organize a pre-interview through skype. Therefore, please do send us your skype contact.

      Once signed in, candidates can complete the application form in more than one step. When all the requested fields are filled and all required documents are uploaded, candidates can finally submit the form. After submission NO further modification to the form will be possible.


All documents must be written in English and uploaded in PDF format. Maximum size for each document is 5 MB (5120 KBytes). The maximum size for each document is 5 MB (5120 KBytes). No other format will be accepted.


The deadline for submission of the application and supporting documents above listed is  May  2nd  2017.

The University may exclude at any time candidates lacking admission requirements.



Selection procedure

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the documents listed above.

  • Successful applicants will be assigned to a Doctoral School.
  • Each Doctoral School will decide which Programme (of those belonging to each School, see Appendix file at http://www.uniroma1.it/sites/default/files/APPENDIX_33.pdf ) to enrol the candidate on the basis of the: i) specific program to which priorities are given on different years; ii) applicant's preferences and interests.



General rules

Doctorate fellowships are incompatible with any other fellowship granted by Italian or International Institutions. Fellowships cannot be awarded to candidates who have already benefited (either entirely or partially) from a similar grant provided by an Italian or International Institution to attend a Ph.D. Course.



Operational Indications

The list of winners, and of those who may be considered as eligible if places become free, will be published on the official web-site: http://www.uniroma1.it/didattica/offerta-formativa/dottorati.

Successful applicants will find the indication of the deadline for accepting the fellowship on the above-mentioned winners list.

Further instructions to complete the enrolment for the academic year 2017/2018 will be e-mailed only to the winners.

Upon the award of the fellowships, translated and legalized degree certificate with list of exams with the scores obtained and the declaration of validity (“dichiarazione di valore”) of the academic degree should be anticipated by email no later than 20 September 2017, and must be delivered to the PhD Office by 30 October 2017 for enrolment. Both documents must to be issued by the competent Italian diplomatic representative in the Country where the academic qualification has been attained.



Additional Information

Any additional information concerning the CoSAN Ph.D. curriculum and the application procedure can be obtained by contacting CoSAN organizational manager Dr. Michela La Padula (michela.lapadula@uniroma1.it) or curriculum director Prof. Salvatore M. Aglioti (salvatoremaria.aglioti@uniroma1.it).



Phone: +39 06 49917601 or +39 06 51501597

Fax:+39 06 49917635


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